Bochum is Europe’s billiard capitol for a week

Bochum is Europe’s billiard capitol for a week

Bochum is Europe’s billiard capitol for a week


Following in the footsteps of Ronchin, another multi-discipline billiard event will take place under the supervision of the CEB. The German city of Bochum (Nordrhein-Westfalen) will host the final of the Coupe d’ Europe for club teams, with no fewer than three side tournaments: a triathlon, a ladies championship and a juniors event.  

The main course in this gourmet billiards meal is of course the Coupe, with all the specialists in the classic disciplines. All teams consist of three players, and each will play a different game: balkline 47/2, balkline 71/2 or 1-cushion.














The six teams that will compete in Bochum are:

DBC Bochum 1926 (defending champion): 

Billard Club Chartrain : 

Billard Club de Oissel: 

Club Billar Vic: 

Douarnenez Sport Billard: 

Billard Club du Canon d’Or Ronchin: 


With these players, Bochum will have an excellent podium to showcase the beauty, subtlety and creativity inherent in classic discipline billiards.  

The triathlon event also has teams of three, with one player in pool, one in snooker and one in 3-cushion billiards. 

The Ladies event takes place on the 2.30 x 1.15 tables, in the free game discipline. 

The juniors have the same format as the Ladies: free game, two flights of four, best two will advance.    


Not unlike Ronchin, Bochum should present a good argument why billiards is a logical and strong candidate for Olympic status. After all, billiards has a history going back to the 15th century, is played all over the world, is accessible to men and women, able-bodied or disabled, rich or poor, young or old. It advocates the values of sportsmanship, respect and proper conduct, and it is an exercise for the mind and the body alike. That makes Bochum 2018 a good first step in the direction of “Paris 2024”. 


The CEB representative in Bochum is Jean- Pierre Guiraud.


All information and results on:


www.kozoom.com (Live broadcasting)