Douarnenez win the Europa Cup

Douarnenez win the Europa Cup

In a first attempt, the French Douarnenez Sport Billard have won the Europa Cup for club teams in the classic disciplines. The host and pre-tournament favorite Bochum were beaten in a tense final.

Of the six teams, four qualified for the semifinals: Douarnenez Sport Billard (France), DBC Bochum (Germany), Billard Club de Oissel (France) and Club Billar Vic (Spain).

The semifinal between DBC Bochum and Club Billar Vic was decided in the balkline matches: Nockemann used only three innings for his 200 points in 71/2, and Sam van Etten needed just two for 250 in 47/2. Vic 1-cushion player Juan Espinasa was ahead 100 – 81 in 11 against Rutger Havlik, but it no longer mattered.

In the other semi, it was the 71/2 match that was never finished. Raimund Swertz (250 in 4 against Martory) and Greg Le Deventec (120 in 18 against Deziles-Legros) had already put Douarnenez safe, so Soumagne (trailing 188-153) could afford to stop play.

It brought two teams into the final who both relied on a Dutch balkline specialist for the 47/2 matches: Raimund Swertz and Sam van Etten. The 21-year old van Etten performed like a seasoned player under pressure: he made his 250 in a single inning, two times over. Swertz, eight years older, had saved his best run for the final. Facing his countryman, he ran 250 points from the break, putting a ton of pressure on van Etten. The younger Dutchman was well on his way in the equalizer but missed on 116 due to a butage.

On the other tables, matches were fierce and close. Soumagne beat Nockemann in 71/2 by a small margin: 200 -190 in 12. The 1-cushion remained unfinished, but the score at that time was Havlik 117 – Le Deventec 108 in 20. When Nockemann failed to equalize against Soumagne, it was over and the congratulations all around went to the French players.

Douarnenez is a family affair: it involves father Le Deventec and his two sons. As European champions, they may claim the organization of this beautiful CEB event next year.

Final score:

  • 1) Douarnenez Sport Billard

  • 2) DBC Bochum

  • 3) Billard Club de Oissel

  • 4) Club Billar Vic

  • 5) BCCO Ronchin

  • 6) Billard Club Chartrain

All information, results and pictures on www.dbc-bochum.de

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