Antalya opens the World Cup cycle

Antalya opens the World Cup cycle

From 23 – 29 April, the Bosphorus hotel in Antalya, Turkey will provide the venue for the first World Cup tournament of 2018. It will be the 22nd World Cup in Turkey since 1993.  

Fourteen players have been invited by the UMB according to the world ranking list: Caudron, Merckx, Jaspers, Zanetti, H.J. Kim, Blomdahl, Sanchez, Sidhom, Coklu, Nguyen, J.H. Heo, S.W. Choi, Bury and Polychronopoulos. 

Wildcards were given to Patino (UMB) and Sayginer, Tasdemir (local). 

There is considerable European interest in this event, and not merely because nine of the seeded players are from a CEB country. We should name two players in particular, because they have been absent from many World Cups in the past few years: Martin Horn and Filipos Kasidokostas.  

With 139 names already on the list, it promises to be another tough qualification event. The Turks are of course the dominant country in the early rounds, but there is also a sizeable delegation from Asia. 

The tournament will be officially opened on Friday 27 April at 11.00. 

The tables are Zeki Bilardo, balls are Super Aramith Pro Cup Prestige, the cloth is Simonis 300 Prestige Blue. First prize is 16.000 euro, there is 10.000 euro for the runner-up and 6.000 for the winners of the bronze. 

The CEB representative in Antalya is Diane Wild.